viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2007

Una reseña copipastada y una reivindicación

"Repetitions of the same clumsy stupidities in his films are automatically seen as breathtaking innovations. They are beyond any attempt at explanation; his admirers consume them as confusedly and arbitrarily as Godard produced them, because they recognize in them the consistent expression of a subjectivity. This is true, but it is a subjectivity on the level of a concierge educated by the mass media. Godard’s “critiques” never go beyond the innocuous humor typical of nightclub comedians or Mad magazine. His flaunted culture is largely the same as that of his audience, which has read exactly the same pages in the same drugstore paperbacks." –Situationist International, 1966
De todas formas, Godard es lo de menos, puto Scorsese.

¡¡¡Scorsese, cabrón, devuélvenos las burbujitas!!!

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